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Kuuru Art Space was founded in 2017 by Rwandan visual artists Manzi Jackson, Moses Izabiriza, and Canda. We founded this art space together, to grow our artistic vision in a space that is open for all artists in Rwanda. "Kuuru" in Kinyarwanda means growth, greatness, and wisdom. 

Kuuru is a space for any creative to express themselves. At Kuuru, we offer an open space for any type of event. We have held several exhibitions, workshops, classes, and performances. When there is no event, Kuuru is still open for visitors to check out our artworks, or a temporary exhibition, or simply to connect!

Growth is not done just by ourselves. We always want to include different artists in our journey and we are always open for collaborations. Reach out to us anytime with a cool idea, project, or event. We love to hear from you!

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