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Co-Founder @ Kuuru


Canda is a self-taught artist who has a unique perspective on life, art and culture that is influenced by his passion as an artist as well as personal conflicts and struggles. Through different activities, Canda experienced the great impact art can have on individuals as well as on communities. For Canda, it is important that art serves the people and supports them. Canda have been ventured into the digital world such as creating virtual exhibitions, video games, and as well digital paintings to which Canda transformed his visions into something concrete in the material world. Therefore, Canda considers his work as an artist as a way to make a positive contribution for more peace and unity in the world.

"My artworks evoke emotions that are drawn from my history as a Rwandan-African and diversity as a traveler."

All of the below listed artworks are for sale. Contact Canda for prices and shipments. You can reach him on the following platforms:

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  • TikTok

Canda's most recent work

Umuko w'umurunzi

Umuko w'umurunzi (The Mystic Tree)

July 2021

Acrylic on Canvas

120cm x 80cm

This mystic tree was used in Rwandan ancient times for medical purposes. To heal for example: liver diseases, stomach disorders, and to protect from bad spirits.


Euphotopia (Euphoria + Utopia) Pyramids

April 2021

Acrylic on Canvas

120cm x 80cm

We think we know the reason and purpose to be alive in this world. However, we find ourselves existing and experiencing the manifestations of matters in this universe. We all just carry on and live together like a blindfolded pyramid.



January 2021

Acrylic on Canvas

110cm x 100cm

If we can be able to accept our past mistakes, our lives can be embraced as flowers that are in bloom.

Mrs Judge Index

Mrs. Judge Index

September 2020

Acrylic on Canvas

120cm x 80cm

We as human beings have many insecurities that we do not like. However, when we see our own insecurities on others, we tend to judge them.

Fingers Court

Fingers Court

September 2020

Acrylic on Canvas

110cm x 100cm

We are living in a community that judges our daily live based on different aspects such as cultural and religious beliefs and experiences.


Kerosene Orgasms/Ntama w'imana

October 2020

Acrylic on Canvas

110cm x 100cm

If religion gives people the help they need, who are we to judge them?



April 2020

Acrylic on Canvas

130cm x 80cm

Entrebiomadic means entering in a healing space. The Rwandan community has shown to be resilient in the first lockdown in 2020. This lockdown period was during the same time of the commemoration period of the Genocide against Tutsi (1994), which was not easy for everyone.

saida karo.jpg
elly wamala.jpg

Kukaa Pamoja Na Wamfalume Malikia (To sit together with kings and queens)


Digital Paintings

This series is about African musicians who are a big contribution of movements of social change in the continent. This is a collection of Afro - Fusion style, very colorful, and using rough scratching lines.

These artworks are exclusively available as NFT's. Get these rare pieces now here!

(L-R) Saida Karoli, Elly Wamala, Cecile Kayirebwa, Mowzey Radio, Bob Marley, Lokua Kanza, Khadja Nin, Christine Kamau

Kadj_ NIN.jpg

Canda's Bio

Niyonkuru Bruce ‘’Canda” is an interdisciplinary international Rwandan based artist born in Burundi in 1992. He started to paint in 2011 and decided to become a full time artist in 2013. To him, art is a moving force in history, a creating force of development and a way to explore and experience freedom. In his work, Canda is moving smoothly from fantasy imagination into reality matters to which helps him create a unique holistic style using horror and utopia elements. He is fascinated with the dualist nature of humans as agents of creation and destruction, as living archives and as creators of history. Therefore, most of his work resolves around a humanoid image. Canda has organized and participated in several international and national art exhibitions and residencies:

  • Exhibition: Art, Humans & Universe +  @ Kuuru (curation + participation) 2021, Kigali

  • Exhibition: Mind & Space Virtual  (curation + participation) 2020, Online

  • Residency: School of Summer at Savvy Contemporary 2019, Berlin

  • Vernissage: of Kuuru Art Space @ Goethe Institute Kigali (curation + participation) 2018, Kigali

  • Residency: Arkane. 2017, Casablanca

  • Exhibition: Divers-Unity @ Impact Hub Kigali 2016, Kigali

  • Residency: Waggonfabrik. 2016, Mainz

  • Exhibition: Spontaneous Rhythm @ Ivuka Art Studio. 2015, Kigali

  • Exhibition: Suddenly but Constantly @ KOICA Rwanda. 2014, Kigali

  • Exhibition: East-African Jama Fest. 2013, Kigali

  • Exhibition: Rwandan Contemporary Art @ Charlie Dutton Gallery. 2012, London

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